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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sockapalooza Update

I have gotten some yarn skeined off so that I can try my hand at hand-dying. Since my swift is MIA, I used my next best option: my Beka 4.5 yard warping board. 120 wraps has given me enough for a pair of socks plus. The only kink was when I had to separate the whole mess so make sure nothing was sticking to anything. My arms aren't THAT long.

Next step: Food color dying as seen in this issue of Knitty.

Monday, May 07, 2007

When the hell did this happen?

Leigh's pre-prom photo from this last weekend. She and her boyfriend stopped by the house since her dad was here for the weekend (long story).

I saw this photo and about dropped my teeth. Can you blame me?

Yes, I saw her in the dress when I marked the straps so I could shorten them. But her hair was down and (I think) she had on her glasses and no make-up.

Not bad for an e-bay dress.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Get a new browser and I go post-crazy. I guess it's better than going postal.

I have my pal for Sockapalooza, and I can't wait to get started. I think Leigh and I are going to get together and hand dye some wool I have laying around the house. Now that I'm unemployed, and she is getting ready to start college, money is tight.

I feel kind of sorry for her right now. Prom is this coming Saturday, and she has strep. And is allergic to penicillin. And Zithromax. So she is on tetracycline. Slow to work. She told me today that come hell or high water she was going to prom and she was going to look good. She can collapse later.

I need to start a knitting stash for her to take to college. She's going to live in the dorms, and she is not going to rush a sorority (thank FSM), so she'll need something to do when she's not studying or eating. She has knitting in class down already.

This is not getting my laundry done. But, I have all day tomorrow, right?


My job, that is. I am now gainfully unemployed, and I feel good. Time to start working towards my goal of working at home sewing for people.