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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

You meet knitters in the strangest places...

This morning I took Vince to the hospital for a CT scan and stress test. He had pneumonia last month, and on the x-ray the doctor noticed that his heart was a bit enlarged. He's been wanting to get started on some good baseline health screens since his mom passed, so this was a good start.

Me, being the dedicated wiffy, drove Vince, as he decided to wake up this morning with one of his migraines, and keeping his eyes open for the drive was not easy, especially driving into the sun.

I knew it was going to be a long wait, so I took my knitting. I've started another Rogue (this one for me). The woman who took us down to the imaging department commented on my knitting, saying how she wished she could see the finished product. I was working on it in the waiting room, and another woman sits down not far from me and pulls out her knitting. We compare notes; she's working on a T-sweater for her Guideposts group (a bright orange acrylic thing, definitely not something I'd wear, but a kid would love it).

After a while, Vince was finally called back and I went with him. The nurse was nice enough to get me a chair so I could watch the monitors and be out of the way. As Julie was getting Vince situated, I pulled out the knitting. She took his BP, and it was elevated, so she asked him to just relax, and noticed the knitting. It was downhill from there. She starts asking me questions, circular vs. straights, gauge and needle size, how much yarn, etc. Another nurse walks in and Julie said 'hey, come here, she's knitting,' and the second nurse said 'I heard' and comes over to look. Evidently they just both learned and are still on scarves. Both asked if I taught.

Poor Vince is laying on the table, electrodes and wires and BP cuffs strapping him down, and I'm talking to the nurses about knitting. Julie took his BP again, and it had really come down. I told her that I could probably bore Vince to death by talking about knitting.

The test went well, the ultrasound pictures were good. Thankfully the ultrasound tech is a crocheter, and didn't get distracted.

I did give Julie my name and phone number before we left. Just told her to remind me who she was when she calls. I need to get some business cards printed.