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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Just a quickie.....

I've been very MIA lately, with work, home, family, knitting and the holidays all coming together in a huge crush of reality.

I've been knitting stockings for Plimoth Plantation, which as been fun, but I will definitely be suffering from SSS, so they will not be done before the first of the year. DH is getting more fanatic about not keeping so many of my projects around my chair, so I have had to move several stash boxes to the basement. Granted, our living room is not that big, and with family in for X-mas, it will get a bit tight.

Work has been going pretty well, until this past Monday. One of my co-workers was murdered in her apartment over her lunch hour. The funeral is tomorrow. And I still have to try to keep a happy face for Sean. And "Aunt Flo" is in town, so life is SO much fun. NOT!

I have pretty much all of my present shopping done (which is amazing!) and DH is going to do the grocery shopping (though he doesn't yet know he will be by himself). I need to get stuff wrapped, which will happen Sunday and Monday nights after Sean is in bed.

So, I'll say "Happy ChristmaHaunaKwanzaDan" and see you next year. 2008 has to be better, right?????