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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Update on Moi

Since we last left our intreped heroine, much has happened in her life.

*In the last 66 days, the local SCA group has put on 1 local event, 1 kingdom event, 1 small demo, and one huge-ass Ren fair demo where the authenticity level is off the scale. I am beat.

*Vince produced a butt-load of new leather products to sell at the Ren Fair. We think he did well.

*Vince's grandmother passed away, 90 days to the date of his mother passing. His grandfather was heard to say, "Get out of my way, I'll be gone in a month."

*Needless to say, knitting has been non-existant. I'll be doing that tonight as I watch "Project Runway" to see if anyone hands Jeffery his head.