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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Monthly Update

Yeah, I'm a slacker, but I have survived the dreaded X-mas commercialism with only a small increase in Prozac and alcohol, so "nyah."

On the homefront:
House was burgled on Dec. 14th. Got the X-box, I-Pod, PDA, digital camera, and MY ENTIRE JEWELRY BOX. Bastards! Custom jewelry from DH and heirloom stuff from grandmother.

DH's co-workers suprised us with a new X-box 360, so Sean is happy (as are we, because it keeps Sean out of trouble).

Gals in the October 2000 group suprised me with a gift voucher for Elann.com yarns. Hooray for knitting therapy!

Niece was accepted to Ball State for the fall. She'll make the 3rd generation to attend Fruit Jar Tech, and hopefully the 2nd to graduate (Dad got drafted out and never finished).

On the health front:
DH's new doctor is OCD in a good way. Has now put him on BP medicine, Lasix, and sent him for a colonoscopy (which found two polyps, both of which tested positive for adenoma). I start seeing him in January. Joy.

My OB-GYN gave me info on a procedure that might just get rid of my periods without having to yank the plumbing. WHEE. No bleeding, no cramps.

On the knitting front:
Gave my SIL and niece knitting swag for X-mas. I got knitting swag for X-mas. I've got money to buy more knitting swag. Life is good.

I'm about 1/2 done with Rogue for me. Pray to Elizabeth Zimmerman that I can finish with what yarn I have.

On the job front:
It sucks. Need new job. All offers welcome.