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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Blah, Blah, Blah

Vince has been home from Pennsic for a week, I'm still unemployed, and gas prices are through the roof, as if you needed to be told that.

I'm not in a very witty/writey mood today, but thought that I should post SOMETHING to keep the readers happy, even though I don't have very many of them.

Another pair of socks have been finished and yet another pair has been started. The lap afgan has one more skein to go, and Eris is still sitting in the book, waiting for yarn to be purchased. I have my new dress cut out, but am having a bit of trouble fitting it, as you just cannot fit a dress by yourself, and my dress form is too small for all the weight I've gained since I bought the durned thing. Vince has yet to un-earth the camera so any photos for the blog will have to wait.

Sean starts soccer again in 2 weeks, though we have to wait one more year for kindergarten. I can't wait till that happens.

Wow, I could use some caffeine right about now.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Single Mom

It's that time of year again. My yearly trial as a single mom. Vince left for Pennsic at 7:00am on Saturday, and will not be back until late this coming Sunday.

This year is different. Since I'm not working a "real" job right now, I'm taking time to do those housewife jobs of my ancestors. You know: cleaning, laundry, sewing, knitting, and trying not to lose my mind. Sean is at daycare and Holly and Patrick are back in Muncie, so the house is quiet. The dishes are done, I've applied for 5 different jobs, and am ready to tackle some other things. I figure I've got 5 days to get my act together. The weekend is moot because Sean will be home.

On the knitting front, I'm working on another sock, and figure I need one more skein of the Lion Brand Thick and Quick Chenille to finish my little afgan. It's purely for me, because my boys are usually too warm, and I'm usually freezing.

I need to start another dress for the Fisher's Renn Faire. It will be in October, and so I need to get crackin'. I also need to figure out just what I'm going to be doing at the faire.

Time to get busy. Talk to me folks. Where are my blogstalkers when I need them?

Monday, August 01, 2005

bookbookbook, patternpatternpattern

I finally went out today and bought the bookbookbook. I am in love. I usually will sit down with a book and devour it greedily, not putting it down until I am finished, which usually ends in a reading hangover. Not this. Each page is another little gem of wisdom that can be read one at a time and savored, like the hidden stash of Girl Scouts cookies that is horded to make them last longer. I have laughed out loud, reflected inward, and marveled in the fact that I am not the only one who thinks like this.

I also picked up a copy of the Ray Bradbury book "The Cat's Pajamas" to read. It is a collection of his short stories that span his incredible 60 year literary career. He dedicates his book to two people: his brother and Donn Albright. I mention this because I've known Donn since I was little. He grew up in Muncie and lived next to my mom when she was growing up. After he graduated high school he moved to New York and hasn't left. He teaches art at Pratt Institute, but comes back to Muncie over school breaks to the house he grew up in. His parents are long gone, but the house is filled with memories of his childhood, and now his adulthood. Part of his adulthood has been spent cataloging Ray's work. He is affectionately known as Ray's "golden retriever." He has retrieved works from Ray's basement long since forgotten. I can't say enough about Donn. I blame him for my addition to fruity wine drinks and old Porches.

The pattern was the new one from Jenna. The cardigan pattern is the bomb-diggity, and I can't wait to start knitting. And I won't have to figure out how to enlarge it for my zaftig frame. WooHoo!! I just have to finish the mountain of other projects before I can justify starting this one. I'll probably buy the yarn while Vince is at Pennsic and hide it, only to "discover" it later in my stash, begging to be knit up into this wonderful sweater.