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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Young Love

Aw, ain't they sweet? My niece Leigh and her boyfriend Grant made a point of stopping by the house on their way to prom. This is the size 10-wacked-into-a-size 5 E-bay dress. See, black overlay. She had her hair done in finger-waves, and it looked so retro. And Grant's tie matched the dress, and he had no help ordering it. I still haven't found out what the prom-queen's reaction was, though I did witness her father's reaction. One of utter shock and amazement. All he said for about 10 minutes was "Wow." I think if there hadn't been so many of us around he would have cried. Patrick wouldn't even go near her, because it didn't look like "Sissy." Sean wasn't impressed, and went back into the house after the first minute and a half.

Vince's mom is doing better, considering they have drained over 20 pound of fluid off of her body since Friday morning. That's about 2 and a half gallons. She was a human water balloon. They have her breathing a bit better, and are at least keeping her O2 levels up where they are supposed to be. I started knitting her a pair of footies that will stretch over her leg wrappings. I hope she gets some use out of them.

Time for bed kids. Tomorrow is another day at the office.


Blogger Jos said...

WOW so pretty!!! I love that retro stuff is coming back into style. She and her date look amazing!

3:13 PM  

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