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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Spring in Indiana

Means really nasty storms. Our cars look like someone took a ball-peen hammer to them. Last Friday (you remember, Good Friday, Sean had pink-eye), there was a heaven-opening, dive for the basement thunderstorm, complete with hail. Large hail. Marble and golfball sized hail falling from the sky for a good 15 or 20 minutes. Hail that was bouncing 8 to 12 inches off the sidewalk and yard. Hail that pummeled our cars, including the van which Vince had made only the 1st payment on.

We were relieved that the dents were the only thing that happened. We received a call from Jackie, Sean's daycare provider, asking if we were ok. Apparently, about a mile or so south of us, the hail was more of the size of baseballs. They lost 5 panes of glass, and the rear window of her husband's Acura (which still has not been replaced, and it is now Wednesday).

Personally, I think it is the gods' way of saying, "Why in the heck did you change time?" I still cannot get my internal (or external) clock readjusted. I ended up going to bed at 9:45 last night just so I could catch up. It didn't work. I can't get Sean to bed at his "normal" time because it is still freaking bright outside. How about we compromise, and move a half hour, kind of like Newfoundland?


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