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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Just a quickie....

I got my goodie box, I got my goodie box.....Wheeeee!!!!!

I'd take photos if SOMEONE (dh) hadn't lost the memory card for the digital camera.

100 grams of yummy yarn, hand-dyed, from London no less.
1 bottle of Bath and Bodyworks Warm Vanilla Sugar body lotion (mmmmmm.....)
1 Godiva gift bag (Step away from the bag, and nobody gets hurt)
1 Modern book of Lace Knitting (which I already have, along with book 2, but no worries, it will find a good home)
and a package of CafePress note cards that say "Eat, Sleep, Knit."

Now to figure out what to do with the yarn. The chocolate is a no-brainer.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're very welcome! I've been accumulating things to send you in the next package, which will go out before SP7 ends in 3 weeks. Fun fun fun!!!

Your Secret Pal

5:53 PM  

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