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Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

It's turning out to be not so good. Sean has pink-eye. Eewww.

But, last week I received my last package from my secret pal Carolyn. She is a goddess. The photos below reveal the treasure trove.

The first layer contained some rubber stamps, ink, some Clover needle protectors, a box of Tazo tea (yum), a vanilla soy candle, some vanilla cologne (also yum), and a box of the most wonderful chocolate covered caramels I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. These things are HUGE I am SO glad DH doesn't like caramel.

The second layer contained 7 balls of Pierre Cardin "15" a wool/cotton/polymide blend in a great shade of purple, and a book called "The Knitting Goddess." It talks about the various Classical goddesses and how textiles actually played a part in their mythos. Being a Classics minor in college, this is facinating reading. The yarn looks much bluer in the photo than it is "live." Forgive the camera strap in the photo, I was so excited.

We (DH, SIL, and moi) had taken Sean and nephew Patrick to the Newport Aquarium that day, and I was beat. We had a good time, but finding this at the house just capped off the day.

I'm making a "feather and fan" scarf with the Silkwood that Carolyn sent me in my first box. I'll take photos when it's a little further along. It's turning out very pretty. Even my 17 year-old niece likes it. No, she can't have it.

I'm going to be altering her prom dress for her. Mint green with a black lace midriff overlay (what is it with me and black overlays?). She picked it up on e-bay for a song, and found out that the future prom queen at her school has the same one in blue, but paid through the nose for hers. Karma is good that way. I've got about 3 weeks to get it done. I'm going to a friend's house Monday who actually does alterations for a living and get her spin on what I should do. I have to take it from a size 10 to about a 3-5. Leigh is a skinny thing, but has a nice rack (so, is it wrong that I notice?). I think this will be her first formal. Since I won't be doing the formal thing for Sean (gods willing), I'm living vicariously through her. I didn't go to my prom. Just as well.

Need to figure out what's for dinner, and get stuff together for a class I'm doing tomorrow.


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