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Monday, March 20, 2006

Migraine Monday x2 and news from here.

Ah, yes, another glorious morning to wake up with a migraine. I say times 2, because Sean also was not feeling well this morning, so DH let both of us sleep. Sean slept till about 8:30, and he in turn let me sleep till 11:00. Though, he's been a bit of a PITA this afternoon.

News from here:
I've started knitting a baby sweater to match the Jester booties, using a Harlot pattern she posted to Knitty. I'm making a couple of changes, but it's the sizing that I need. I'm so used to knitting things for me, that to knit for a baby is kind of hard. All of my other projects are hanging around in various states of unfinish. I did get the skein of Silkwood (from my SP)balled up in anticipation of a project. I'm just not sure what to do with it. Suggestions?

My bestest bud in the whole world called me last night to tell me she is taking a sweater knitting class. I am so proud of her. She said she had the back done to the armhole decreases, and she did that in a week. I'm impressed to say the least, as she works full time, has 2 kids, is a Brownie leader, is active in her church, and had the flu over the weekend. I'm lucky if I can finish a sock in a week (The Olympics don't count. That was a moral imperative).

I hope everyone is going over to Franklin's blog and reading up on the adventures of Dolores. I swear, if I don't have to clean off my monitor at least twice while reading one of those posts, I'm doing really well.

Three weeks till Fleece Fair! April 7th and 8th at the Putnum Co. (IN) 4-H Fairgrounds. Yarn, fiber, sheep, rabbits, tools, and lots of stuff. I'll be there on the 8th, probably not buying much, but sitting under a tree with my knitting. Come say 'Hi' and sit and knit for a spell.


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