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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


For those of you with teenagers, you'll be shocked and amazed when you read the following. For those of you who were teenagers (and can still remember that time), you'll be equally amazed.

I'm altering my niece's prom dress. She came down today to try it on before I do the final sewing of the seams. I nailed it. I don't think I could have done a better job of turning a size 10 into a size 4. She's so excited that her dress fits perfectly. She is equally excited that Vince is making her jewelry to go with the dress, something her friends just can't (or don't) understand. She bubbles when she talks about it. She also bubbles about the fact that she is getting away freaking cheap on her dress and accessories for this prom. She bought the dress on e-bay ($38.00 including shipping), shoes at Goodwill (some equally ridiculous low price), she's getting her dress altered for free, and she's getting free, custom-made jewelry. The prom tickets cost more. And there is the added bonus that the "future prom queen" has the same dress (in blue), and paid full retail plus for it. Gotta love karma. But, I digress.

Leigh has been talking about how she wanted to learn how to do bobbin lace. I remembered between her visits that I had a small, but servicable set of bobbins and a piece of foam that I had gotten at one time when I took an intro class at an SCA event. They have been sitting in my basement since we moved in here 10 years ago. I dug them out tonight, and gave them to her, along with two books on the basics. As I handed them to you, I jokingly said, "Who's your favorite aunt?" Knowing full well that I am her ONLY aunt, I wasn't really expecting what she said to me.

"Yeah, you've always been my favorite. You do alterations, you taught me to knit, and now you're giving me this. You're cool."

I have been validated. Now, if I can get this out of my son when he is a teenager, I can die happy.


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