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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thank you SP!!!

I know that I emailed you the other day, but I need to PUBLICLY thank you for the ab-fab gifties.

No photos (as DH has hidden the camera yet again) but imagine, if you will...:

2 balls of Noro, one in a purple colorway and a second in a pink. Bright, I love it!
1 book: One Skein projects. Though, I do have to see just how big some of those "one skeins" are, because that tee-shirt in there might fit my size 1 niece.
A Creative Memories 7x7 album and a box of pre-cut shapes. Very cool. DH and I had just the night before been talking about helping Sean with an album for photos of his grandma.
A button that says, "I'd rather be knitting." That is SO true.
And a box of Salt Water Taffy. I haven't had taffy in ages, and this stuff is the real deal. I'll probably save some to help Sean out when he looses more teeth.


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