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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

News of the Weird.

Note to self: Never make promises to someone on their deathbed if you don't think you can carry through.

OK, I did something today that I would NEVER have thought about doing in a bazillion years: I helped do hair and makeup on my MIL. You know, the dead one.

I met up with FIL and MIL's best friend and her daughter at the funeral home. We met up with one of the guys who normally does this. It was pretty freaky starting out, but then as we eased into it, it got easier. We got past the initial "You touch her." "No you touch her." "Is she cold?" "Is she hard?"

Her face was pretty gray, which was kind of suprising, but the guy handed us some tint to brush on her face which pinked her right up. Then we started in on the foundation.

Kerry did most of her makeup and I did eyebrows and nails. The woman practically had a spa treatment and wasn't here to enjoy it. Though, I did notice a slight smile on her lips as we finished.

She is wearing a brown pin-stripe suit, a cream mock turtle shell, and a pair of socks that I made for her that totally don't match, but she wanted to wear them. She told me so while I was knitting them. She also asked me if I wanted them back after the funeral, since she is to be cremated. I told her no, because I had made them for her.

The viewing is tomorrow, the funeral is Thursday. Friday is reserved for heavy drinking.


Blogger Jos said...

wow... i don't know if i could do that!

12:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My condolenses to you and your family. I am *finally* sending your package tomorrow and I am hoping it brings you a little cheer.


1:38 PM  

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