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Sunday, February 26, 2006

1.5 from the Russian Judge......

Well, I didn't make it. Had to rip back the majority of the second sock due to a chair-needle error (there was something wrong between the chair and the needles: me.) I left out an entire pattern, so had to fix it. Congratulations to all of the other knitters who actually finished on time.

Haven't taken photos of anything recently, as I've been playing chauffer to my husband for the past 2 weeks. His car is pretty much DOA, so it took him this long to find a new one. Meanwhile, I've been wracking up the miles on my little POS.

More later, gotta fix dinner for the men.


Anonymous =Tamar said...

Mamluk, Gunnister, and Eleanor of Toledo stockings on your "to do" list - That's ambitious! Best of luck with the diet, and I hope your DH finds a doctor who understands that it's possible to have both sinus headache and migraine at the same time.

11:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Beth! Sorry you didn't finish your Olympic knitting -- neither did I. But there's a package going into the mail to you this week which should life your post-Olympic spirits!

Your Secret Pal

9:35 PM  

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