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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Bugs, head gaskets, and etc.

Not Bugs Bunny. Bugs. As in head lice. Courtsey of daycare. I've now been off work 3 days to quarantine my son so that none of the other little darlings come down with the dreaded things. Our house looks like a scene from Wild Kingdom. We're all sitting around grooming each other, looking for bugs. DH is clean (of course, there isn't much hair to infest), but the kid has been full of them, and I think I've removed a couple of small ones from myself. EEEEWWWWW. We even went so far as to clip Sean's hair down to summer length in hopes it would help. He's been pretty good about the whole sordid mess, while DH and I are feeling our skin crawl with the very mention of them.

But, since I've been home, I've done a bazillion loads of lousy laundry, and have knitted a pair of mittens for Sean. I'm working on a hat for him, but he can't wear it until he's clean. The weather is freakin' cold here, and his mittens from last year are too small. Even DH didn't complain about me buying yarn for that.

We are still going to see Mannheim Steamroller tonight. A friend of ours was gracious enough to let me bring Sean over. Maybe if I stick him in a bubble he won't be a disease vector. I'll comb him out really well before we leave.

And, of course, to top off this week, DH's van has a leaky head gasket and a stuck thermostat, which means our trip to Wisconsin this weekend is off. DH is feeling rather put-upon, as he's got the major income right now, and wants me to find a new/better job. Hey, just think of the money I'm saving in daycare this week. Ugh.

And people wonder why I really don't like the holidays.


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