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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Another weekend down the tubes

It seems that this is what happens every weekend. I work all week at an unfulfilling job, looking towards the two days during the week that I can do whatever the h*ll I want, only to find that it's 11:00 on Sunday evening, and I've pissed the weekend away again.

I've been blog-stalking the past week, trying to catch up on all my favs, and look at a few new ones. Franklin has a wonderfully pithy sense of humor, a great cafepress store, and some wonderful drawings that include knitters (I love the sheep). Laurie is going through the full gambit of emotions associated with a divorce, with her cats and her yarn to keep her company. I'm right there with you sweetie, having BTDT about 10 years ago. Stephanie is, as always, discussing some new form of family torture with yarn and needles as the main ingredients. And the holidays are coming up, so no doubt there will be some late-night, caffeine-induced rantings coming from her in the following weeks.

Eris is coming along. I've just gotten down into the fronts and off the actual neckline. I've noticed that for the larger sizes, it's probably a good idea to go with an even longer cable than recommended. My Boyd Needlemaster is coming up a bit short.

I ordered the Shadow sampler pack from KnitPicks (shhhh, don't tell hubby). I also ordered the Adama shawl pattern, and am thinking that I might be able to cut the size in half and make some really cool neck scarfs instead of full size shawls. Not many of my friends wear shawls. That, and I've been dieing to try my hand at some lace knitting.

I actually got the French Market bag felted. It didn't turn out near as big as I thought it would, but it's still pretty cool.

And remember that sock I lost back in April? The one I posted a photo of the mate? The one I actually bought more yarn for to make another pair? I FINALLY found the stupid thing. It was in the garage of all places, just laying on the floor. How did it get there, I hear you ask. I have no bloody idea. I think it may have been statically stuck to a jacket, and finally fell out, and (luckily) that is where it landed.

Time for bed, kids. Five more days until the weekend.


Anonymous laurie said...

I would *love* to see a pic of your felted market bag... I think that may be my next felting project (well. ha. if I ever finish the fuzzyfeet and the latest kitty pi. argh) anyway!

I am off to add myself to your frapper map!!

1:36 PM  

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