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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Photo album

Remember all those photos I said I'd post? I've finally got them ready! Woo Hoo! (OK, so don't start acting like I'm subjecting you to the family vacation slide show. I do not do the "Bud and Molly block the view to the Grand Canyon" type of photos. Usually.)

Here are the boys, Sean and my nephew Patrick, this summer. Notice the loving way Sean has his arm wrapped around Patrick's neck. Notice the look on his face, "If I just squeeze a little tighter....."

This is one of the "cotton candy" dresses I did. It is being modeled by my god-daughter Elizabeth, who was one of the flower girls. Don't ask about the overlay. The wedding cake was even white, pink and black.

OK, so I'm boring. I don't have that many photos. At least one's that I'll share. Let's talk about something else. I hate to talk about the distruction of the South, because everyone else has, other than to say give. Money, clothes, food, time. And if you think everyone already has, do it anyway. And don't forget to pack your own emergency kit. Mine, of course, will have yarn and needles. I'll need something to do in the shelter.


Blogger Katy said...

Can't say I would choose that particular dress (and I know you didn't!), but I'm impressed that you made it.
Post more pics!

8:39 PM  

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