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Friday, July 01, 2005


Remember that little tragedy comment I made the other day. Well, I must be f*cking psychic, because today I got canned from my job.

One the one hand, I'm pretty sad and depressed. On the other hand, I am SO relieved. This job has been a pain in my a$$ for the past 18 months. Again, that comedy of errors thing.

Sean's sitter gave me a pint of Ben and Jerry's. Vince came home with alcohol, Cokes, and flaming hot Cheetos. My brother is giving my resume to his boss, as is Vince. I may be employed again before the week is out. Another friend and I have been tossing the idea of a doll hospital back and forth.

So, I am looking at this as my very own Independance Day. One way or another, I am free of those OCD workaholic martyrs.

Must find new knitting project to throw my energy into. Suggestions??


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear this.
Or, maybe not.
Sometimes life works in mysterious ways...hope this is one of them and that something fabulous comes along!
Knit something fun and frivolous.
Katy (away from home)

10:17 PM  

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