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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Dress update

I know that you're all just dieing (or is that dying?) to know what I've gotten done.
Dress number 1 is complete to the point of just needing the zipper put in, the hem marked and sewn in, and the overlay made. Dress number 2 has the bodice put together.

Satin unravels quite badly. I was contemplating re-cutting every single seam with pinking shears (the ones with the zig-zag blades), when I had a momentary flash of brilliance. "Hey dummy, you've got a serger. Use it!" Ah, wonderful. No more little satin bits and fluff pulling off the dresses. And this worked quite well for making the lining and ruffle (I did mention the tulle ruffle, didn't I?) look not so quite "home-made."

I'll not be working on them today, as we're going to the zoo. Hubby's company is having a family day at the zoo. Don't worry, we'll take photos. And if you see a very red fat lady, that is probably me. Me and heat don't do well together. Top it off with tendonitis in my heel, and a sinus headache, it's going to be a wonderful day.


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