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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I'm in cotton candy hell

Pink. Did I mention that I hate pink? Not dusty pink, not rosey pink. Cotton Candy pink. Now, I really like cotton candy, but I usually go for the blue.

I think my sewing machine does too as it keeps catching threads in the bobbin.

The first bodice is sewn together. Thank the Gods there are no sleeves to deal with. Just this funky little cowl thingy that won't lay right. I need a good steamer.

Breathe. I need a drink. Breathe. And a Prozac. Breathe.


Blogger Katy said...

Ack, it sounds awful. But don't drink too much or you might end up with some REALLY interesting creations!
(And who would dress flower girls in pink and BLACK? Ick.)

11:28 AM  

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