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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Comedy of errors

I told you that I would share the comedy of errors that is my life. I think the thing that started out this particular series of events were those damn dresses.

My brother Joe, SIL Holly, and nephew Patrick come to town to stay with us on the weekends. Brother works 3 - 13 hour tech support shifts on the weekends. He loves the hours, the rest of us think he's nuts. They are down for the weekend of the wedding where said dresses are to be worn. Great. Holly can watch her kid and mine while Hubby and I go to the reception. Reception is an hour and a half away. We leave well in advance so we may take my mom to dinner prior to the reception. At 3:00pm, all is well, and Sean isn't throwing a fit about not coming with us.

At 6:00, we are just sitting down to dinner at Damon's when Vince's cell phone rings. It's Joe. He's supposed to be at work, but he's at the house. Why? Because Holly has fallen in the living room and they both think she has broken her knee. Vince hangs up from Joe, and we start calling everyone we know to see if they can go to the house to watch the kids while Joe takes Holly to the ER. The closest one we find is at least 30 minutes away (which is still closer than we are), so Holly remains on the floor until Jeanne gets to the house. Back at dinner, the waitress is getting a bit nervous as to whether or not we are actually going to order. Once we find out that Jeanne is going to the house, we go ahead and order, but decide that we will only make a token appearance at the reception.

We finally get home and Holly is back. The knee isn't broken, but severely bruised. She still has a bruise the size of a pie plate 2 weeks later.

I'm just wondering what the next chapter will be. Hopefully not a tragedy.


Blogger Chrispy said...

But did the girls look good in the dresses???? ;-)

10:58 AM  

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