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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Helium Hand

I have a terrible case of Helium Hand. I just can't keep my damn hand down when someone asks for a volunteer for something.

Case in point: my Bestest Friend Kim (as seen in a previous entry) once again booked lodgings as the spacious and gracious Woodmont Hotel. Seems that the plant in New Jersey needed some more training on new software. As we were talking prior to her arrival, she asked me if I could do her a huge favor. Me, being the kind of friend that I am, said yes even before finding out what the favor was. Seems that her BIL is getting married in 2 weeks, and Kim has to make the flower girl dresses (see the plural?). Fabric was purchased, and (thank the Gods) cut out, but since she won't be back in town until the 10th, and the wedding is the 18th, she was going to be crunched for time. OK, no problem. I can do this. I like to sew.

The dresses are pink. Pink satin. Pink satin with a black net overlay and belt with a bow. And a lining with a ruffle. Did I mention that one of the flower girls had a growth spurt? Seems she went from a size 7 to a 10 overnight. This is also the one who is coming up from Florida, and won't be in town until the 12th. Deep breath. And again. Did I mention that I really hate pink?

Another thing that I've volunteered for is to be chronicler for our local SCA group. Now, this actually gets put to a vote, but since I am the only candidate so far, it's going to be a good bet that I get it. This also means that I'll have to find someone to take over my current office of coordinator of youth activities (or MoY if you're in the know). You'd think in a group that has a children's population of over 25 (in a group of over 150 members), that finding someone to do this would be easy. Not. And since it's not a required office, it may go unfilled. Again. Deep breath. And again. Repeat as necessary.

It is an honor and privilege to serve. Yeah, right.


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