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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Update on life

Besides major suckage, this is what is happening in my world:

  • DH is off on his yearly sojourn to Pennsic. I get to be single mom till Sunday night.
  • Sean started kindergarten last Tuesday. "My God, that is early!" I hear you cry. Year round school does that.
  • Sean's pet Beta fish died. I'm waiting for the third one, as these things always come in threes.
  • BILs girlfriend is preggers, so I am knitting baby blanket. We're not thrilled, but hey, it's the thought.
  • FIL is going through his very own grieving process which has the rest of us scratching our heads and saying "WTF?" He's cross-dressing.
  • And to top things off, the package that I sent to my SP was returned in shreds. So, now I have to try and re-create some of the things that I included. And dummy me didn't insure it, so I'm out the money.

But, as a friend of mine pointed out today, there is always someone worse off than you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So sorry everything is sucky for you right now. :( I hope things get a bit brighter soon! SP

11:11 PM  

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