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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

My new toy!!!!!

This is my new toy!!!! I will be picking it up sometime between now and Sunday. Posted by Hello

You probably can imagine just how jazzed I am about this. My very first spinning wheel. OK, maybe not in the traditional sense of the word, but hey. Hubby didn't freak, especially when I told him the size.

For those of you not in the fiber "know" (all 2 of you), this is an Indian 'charkha.' Charkha actually means wheel in (I think) Hindu. It is the size of a small briefcase when closed, so I can tuck it away or tote it with me to events. Granted, it's not medieval by any stretch of the imagination, but it's a wheel and it's mine!

I gave Jody the Soy Silk and the Ingeo. She has tried both, and reports that the Soy Silk gets a bit tacky when handled, but spins like silk otherwise, and no allergic reaction!!! She said that the Ingeo required a really tight spin, and it doesn't draft well. She surmised that since it is a plant fiber, maybe she should wet her fingers like she was spinning with flax, but since it is fluffy like cotton, she didn't know.

In reply to Katy, yes, the angora is drapey, but that is what I was kinda looking for. It will probably double more as a wrap than a shrug.

Thanks for the other comments from Carma and Zarzulea. I know it shouldn't matter whether or not people comment, but I need all the warm fuzzies I can get now. I've been home with a sick kid for the past 2 days, only getting things done when he is asleep. Katy, you jinxed me. He's run at both ends. But, as they say, this, too, shall pass.


Blogger Zarzuela said...

I'm glad you said what that was. I guess I'm just not in the "spinning know". I would have been trying to figure it out for days!


7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooh, a charka. Have you used one before? They always looked hard to me...very cool, but tricky! Do post pics of you spinning away once you've got things figured out.
Sorry to jinx you with the stomach bug. Zoe never got it at our house, but DH was sick all weekend (you know, the weekend when I was supposed to get a lot done. ha ha ha).
Katy (on vacation)

8:16 PM  

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