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Monday, April 11, 2005

Weekends are too short.

S-h-o-pp-i-n-g, we’re shopping, yeah, yeah, we’re shopping.

The second weekend in April has come and gone, and that can only mean one thing: The Greencastle Fleece Fair.

Dr. Evil and Mini-me (DH and son) did the male bonding thing while Mom and I looked at wool, sheep, llamas, angora rabbits, and things fiber related. We met up with my friend Kim and her daughter, and another friend Lisa, who attended the indigo dying class in the morning (and didn't turn blue). Missy Kim caved and she and hubby bought Dd a really pretty smokey gray angora rabbit. We named him "Dusty." For some reason "Hassenpfeffer" didn't go over well.

I had hoped beyond hope that someone would have an inexpensive spinning wheel, like a table-top Babe, or something else like that. It’s not pretty, but function above form in this case. I’d love an Ashford Joy or Kiwi, but they are too small for my long legs to sit at comfortably. And of course, I’ll have to find some roving to go with it. Someone did have a book charkha wheel for sale, but well out of my price range. Sigh.

I did buy some Romney roving to knit up and felt, and some Soy Silk and Ingeo fibers for my friend Jody. She loves to spin, but has developed an allergy to silk. I can't wait to pop this on her.

I’ve started the 2nd half of the Good Bias shrug, and actually dug out and worked on a UFO this last weekend. A pair of stockings for my medieval impression. It’s slow going, as I’ve got big legs, and these need to be done on small needles. Not as small as the needles on my Elenora of Toledo stockings (2-0’s) but still small, when compared to the amount of stitches needed to go around my gam. I actually had these in the car with my on my trip to Muncie on Sunday, which was lucky, because I got stuck in traffic for an hour. A horrible accident on I-69 which killed 2 and injured 6 others. Closed the interstate for 4 hours. My prayers are with the family.

The bruises on my left leg are coming along nicely after my fall, though I have a spot on that leg the vacilates between being numb or burning like the area has been "asleep" and is now waking up. And now I’m getting over a cold. ICK!!!! Sean’s head is almost back to it’s regular color. I can’t say “normal” because, well, no 4 ½ year old is normal. We start soccer Friday. That should make for some blogging goodness.


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