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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Adult conversation and an adult dinner to boot.

Darling son o'mine is currently with "Pappa Joe and Holly" for the week. His daycare is closed for spring break, but I still have to work, so they were kind enough to take him this week. Sean is almost 4 1/2, and their son Patrick is 3, so they do ok together. Though, Holly called this evening to ask me how to get Sean to shut up. I suggested duct tape. I guess I forgot to warn her that he is a babbling brook.

So, while we are childless for the week, a new realization happened. We can actually go to dinner in a place were there is not a clown on the menu. Were we can sit down, enjoy a cocktail, and adult conversation. We actually went out with another couple of friends, and had a really good time. Wow! It's been so long I almost forgot what it was like. I didn't have to share my meal. I didn't get the, "Eeeew, I don't like that." And I even got to go to the bathroom without having to share the stall (though, we did perpetuate the myth that women cannot go to the bathroom alone. We must go in pairs or trios). I'm still stuffed.

On the knitting front (you knew I couldn't forget that), I have actually made some progress on the shrug. I caved and dug out my stitch markers. I'm still making some mistakes (like forgetting yarn overs), but nothing so major that I actually have to rip out the entire thing. And I got to sit all evening last night, knitting and watching Stargate re-runs on Sci-Fi, and didn't have to get up 40 times to see if Sean was into something he shouldn't be into.

I've also bought yarn for yet another new project. OK, so JoAnn's was having a store closing sale. I bought 6 skeins of the Lion Brand Chenille in the Amethyst. Not really enough to make anything for me, so I'll be buying some of the darker purple to go with it. I need another knock-around sweater.

I'll also be digging out some other UFOs to show people this weekend. Our local SCA group is doing a newcomers day, and the organizer wants to show what kinds of needlework were done in the middle ages. Luckily, knitting has been around since at least the 12th century. And some of my projects probably won't be completed until the 24th. Century that is.


Anonymous laurie said...

Ha. Though it may appear I can be shamed into silence, apparently once I break free of commentaphobia, I can't be stopped.

So, can Lion Brand chenille be washed in the machine? I keep looking at it, wondering if it will fall apart. Or if I have to hand wash it. But it's so pretty! And half the price of the chenille at the LYS.

Your stalker,

11:41 AM  

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