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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Life with a house-full of men.

OK, maybe not a house full, but I'm definitely outnumbered here. Besides DH and mini-DH, we have a friend of ours living in the basement. Numerous bad karma circumstances rendered him jobless, mateless, and homeless in just over the past 9 months. Since winters in Indiana make living in ones car NOT an option, we took him in. In exchange for a place to sleep and the occasional hot meal, he has made the kitchen his project. As he says, "A bored fag is a dangerous thing." Currently, he and DH are tearing apart my kitchen sink. Did I ask them to do this? No, but since when did any man do what a woman asks of him?

I've finished the Rogue all but the final graft of the hood, and blocking and the final sew together. I think it has turned out rather well, but the real proof will be whether or not my niece likes it. She's 16, and rather retro-goth in the way she dresses. I say retro because she recently cabbaged onto an old coat of mine from the 70's and loves it. I say goth because she does wear a lot of black. I've posted some photos of it down below. I'm going to have to rip out the hood and do it again, as I do NOT like the way the back of it finished up. I may wait till I get mine done, so that I can redo it with a better understanding of how it is suppose to look.

By the by, join Katy and me in a knit along next month. Sounds like fun.