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Thursday, March 10, 2005

"Knit along, little doggies......."

I have found my yarn for the "Good Bias" knit along. I was rummaging around my stash (woefully depleted due to real life emergencies taking my money like leaking toilets and daycare), when I came across some yarn that I never had a use for, until now.

A bag of black angora. Two huge, Tribble-like balls and several baby Tribbles, still in their protective plastic baggies. Just waiting for a project. This was yarn given to me by a close friend after his wife had died. She was a crafter, sewing-goddess, and fellow yarn ho. She also had the "dangerous" job of working at Jo-Ann's. When she passed, the world was a much smaller place. Though now it seems that whenever I work with something that I received from her (yarn, fabric, whatever), the project is reminscient of something she would have done. I will always be reminded of her generosity and warmth when I wear this.

But, I digress. Often, and with little to no provocation.

I cast on the required stitches, and knit the first few rows. Wow. Soft as a whisper, black as a moonless midnight. I'm having trouble actually seeing the stitches as my size 9 needles are dark blue (Thank You, Boye Needlemaster). I've done about 5 repeats of the first pattern, and have determined that I either need to get a set of silver colored needles, or knit with a 5,000 watt Kleeg light over my shoulder so I can see what I'm doing. Better light will help, but I won't get a 3rd degree burn if I get the lighter colored needles. But, this must wait till the weekend. I figure that if I can knit 2 or 3 repeats of the pattern a night, I can finish this up in no time. Of course, this will be between work, my family, sewing for the SCA, and my 6 other knitting projects that I need to finish. AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!! Not enough hours in the day!!! Need sleep!


Blogger Mommajomma said...

I am sure yours is going to be absolutely LOVELY. Have you considered incorporating beads in it as well? I love black but just can't seem to see it so I hear you regarding the KLEEG light! LOL very funny! I have some beaufiul baby alpaca, black with beads (jet) in fingering weight that i hope to knit into a lacey scarf but am saving for the warmer weather so I can knit it outside!!

11:55 AM  

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