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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

And now for something completely different....

You all may be wondering about the odd topic of the last post. As of August 30, I have been employed by the Alzheimer's Association. November is National Alzheimer's Awareness Month. I will be putting this picture into my sidebar (as soon as I can figure out how) to create a link to the chapter web-site, if anyone would like to make a contribution. I am going to make this my "cause," similar to Stephanie's Doctors without Borders fund drive. Why? Well, I'll tell you (you knew I would). My grandmother taught me how to knit when I was 7 and she was 79. I still remember sitting with her, remembering her smell, and her quiet way that she and I would talk while she showed me. This is a memory I don’t want to forget.

After my father died, my mom and I would sit and knit and watch TV in the evenings when I came home from classes at university. We didn’t speak much those first few months other than to share what we were knitting. This was (for the longest time) the only thing we had in common besides DNA. This is a memory I don’t want to forget.

I’ve met some of the most interesting people by knowing how to knit, people who I may not have had the opportunity to if I hadn’t knit. Knitting has also led me down the paths of spinning and dyeing. These are memories I don’t want to forget.I knit for my mother-in-law while she was in Hospice. This gave me something to do with my hands (besides eat). I finished the socks before she died, and she was cremated with them on. Yes, I lost several hours of work, but this is a memory I don’t want to forget.

If you do make a contribution, just mention my blog title: K1*yo, K2Tog*. The gal who processes the donations is a knitter too.


Blogger knitting bean said...

I wondered about your comment! Thanks for explaining. I lost my knitting Gram to Alzheimers. It was horrible. My Mom and Aunt promised her she would never go into a nursing home and they were true to their word. They 'tag teamed' taking care of her at her home until she passed away. We had her memorial service on Mother's Day, 1997. It was the perfect day to have it for her since she gave 100% of herself for her five children and her husband as well as all us grands and great grands. She was only 75 when she died, but she had been sick for years before that. Now when one of us forgets something we get scared and look at each other and wonder, "Do I have it?". But we hope and pray we don't and hope and pray for a cure. Sorry - it's a soap box subject! Kristy

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