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Friday, April 20, 2007


I finally made the leap and got Firefox, so blogging on a regular basis will commence.

I have been given the title "enabler" by my niece, Leigh. The past couple of times she's been down, I've dug into my yarn stash and gifted her with something. She's been going to Goodwill and buying sweaters to frog and re-knit into something different. I commend her for this, but feel that I should help her along on the path to fiber awareness. She is starting college in the fall, and I hope to be able to keep her in yarn while she is there. There are no good places to buy yarn in Muncie, other than JoAnn's and Michael's, neither of which carries a big selection of anything besides acrylic.

I signed up for Sockapalooza, and am excitedly waiting for the pairings. Leigh signed up too, so we'll see who we get paired with. We're going to meet up and go to Mass Ave to shop for yarn.

And while I'm talking about Leigh, go visit her blog Me and Benita. It's a good read. She was selected to show at her school's senior art show, and she's the music director for her school's radio station. Can you tell I'm proud of her?? Didn't think so.


Anonymous B said...

Aw! Can I adopt you as an aunt? :) I wish I knew how to knit when I was in the dorms. I would've never done homework then!

1:21 AM  

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