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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Welcome to my blog

It's taken me quite a while to figure this think out, but I think I finally did it!. Thank you Katy, for giving me the inspiration!

Let me take a minute to tell you a bit about me, myself, and I. I'm a Midwest gal with a hubby and a son, who would rather knit than eat (much to the consternation of hubby). I knit, spin, sew, do some costume design, and do historic reenactment in many different time periods. My favorite is Medieval, but F&I and Civil War clothes fill my closet too.

Don't know how much I'll be able write but I'm going to try. Also going to try and post some pics of my stuff so people know what I do.

So, off we go!!!


Blogger Katy said...

Yeah, yeah, I get to make the first comment!
Welcome to blogging. Glad to have ya. ;)
I'm happy to offer any technical support.

2:39 PM  

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